I had to resist the temptation to keep this vase. My two passions are silver overlay and Steiff. And whenever I obtain a nice specimen of either intended for resale, it is a struggle to put it in my shop instead of keeping it! I have gotten better over the years, and my pocket book thanks me for it. ;-)

I will get the minor detractions out of the way. The vase is basically clear, as you should be able to see, but it has isolated areas of mineral deposit. I would call its clarity “very good,” and you won’t have to worry about its placement in your vitrine so that you can enjoy the nice color of the glass with the light passing through it.

The other issue is, likewise, not a serious flaw, but, of course, I have to tell you about it and try to show it to you. My third and sixth images demonstrate the less-than-perfect area of the glass. My third image, which is not further marked, shows you how minor this issue is, and even IT is HUGE compared to what you see in person. The right half of my sixth image is even bigger, and there you can see the series of scratches that occur slightly higher than midway down the vase, and surround the vase.

The scratches are absolutely not palpable from either the outside or the inside of the vase, but I think they are located on the inside. I say that because it is hard to imagine what external force the vase would have been subjected to such that the scratches resulted. For that matter, I can’t really think of what would have happened inside the vase to cause them, except some clumsy effort to clean the vase (with what kind of tool I can’t imagine). In any case, again I stress—and you can see—a that this has very little, if any, impact on the display and enjoyment of the vase.

The large size of my images should show you all the positive aspects of the vase too, but I will note them. The silver is thick and deeply chased. It is interesting to see an Alvin silver overlay piece with flowers other than its signature iris. I cannot identify this flower, but maybe you can. I have seen similar blooms on other silver overlay items identified as dogwood flowers, but my research tells me that dogwoods have only four petals. I will leave the horticultural research to you. ;-)

The flower design occurs four times around the vase—two flowers on either side of the oval cartouche, which, as you can see, is blank. The silver is all firmly attached to the glass, which I have both visually and tactilely scrutinized. I neither see nor feel any sharp or missing areas.

As you can see in my fourth composite image, the Alvin hallmarks are clear and nearly complete. Only the denominator of the “999/1000” indication is worn (the numerator is almost complete). The marks, including the design number and the Alvin “A,” appear on the lowest ring of silver on the back of the vase. There are acid-etched marks in the glass, which appear in the bottom of the vase. It looks like an upper-case “M” with the number “582” below it. The “2” seems to have replaced a previous “8.”

The only things that remain to tell you are the vase’s dimensions. It is 6 inches tall by approximately 2 3/4 inches across its widest part. The diameter of the opening is 2 inches, and the diameter of the base is also 2 inches.

I trust I have conveyed to you how wonderful this vase is, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write.

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Antique Alvin Green Glass Art Nouveau Silver Overlay Vase

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