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"I know this jeweler." It's a phrase we've all heard a family member, friend, acquaintance or coworker invariably say at one time or another. And yes, while it's true that most people do "know this jeweler," they may not know Stephen Herdemian. That is, unless they're one of the lucky ones.

This is a website whose intention is allowing all antique jewelry lovers the enjoyment of viewing the exquisite, one-of-a-kind antique pieces Steve has in his collection. Others may have similar websites, but they are not Steve, who is in a class by himself -- and has been for the last 35 years.

Honesty is of major importance to him. The New York Daily News felt him worthy of praise and featured him in a piece dated 6/8/99. In fact, his knowledge of antique and estate jewelry has been passed down through generations. Not surprisingly, so is Steve's merchandise. Other websites, where jewelers claim their pieces are from the 1890s through the 1940s, are in actuality reproductions. "Victorian like" and "deco style," is not antique jewelry. Antique jewelry is always handmade; reproductions are not. If Steve says a certain piece is from the 1920s, it is. Every piece of jewelry offered on this website is without question the age that it is stated to be.

You may not know his name, but you certainly know the movies and soap operas that have incorporated his jewelry and the many actors and actresses who have his unique and reasonably priced pieces flowing around their necks, dangling from their ears or gracing their arms. Often, much of his bracelets, rings, and necklaces he rents to a movie set, ends up on the producers or stars body -- for good!

Truth be told there is no one like Steve. He loves what he sells. Steve believes in estate jewelry as art and investment. As time marches on there will only be less antique jewelry available, thus making what antiques we own more sought after. Yet all can rest assured, for 20 years he has offered a 2 week unconditional money back guarantee. Not an exchange, not a credit. If one doesn't love what one bought, Steve gladly will take it back. It is important to him that whoever buys the piece treasure it.

The jewelry speaks for itself. When something is truly beautiful, it needs no jeweler's fancy words or exaggerated histories. It is always an enjoyable and satisfying experience to do business with Steve. Always feel free to call or E-mail Steve with any questions about the pieces being sold on this site or to inquire about selling anything old and beautiful. He finds great excitement in purchasing anything of beauty. You may also inquire about a particular piece that may be in inventory, but not on this site. If you're looking for authenticity at wholesale prices, honesty and straight forwardness -- you need look no further.

As seen in the Daily News-Issue June 8, 1999