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Dario began his career at the tender age of 11 years old. He lived in the Dominican Republic surrounded by an impoverished village. He found an escape a truly magical world of furniture in the Dom Rep. It was know as a small antique furniture restore and furniture making shop. He developed a true passion in wood and furniture and has been training his eye since he was a child. Dario found a mentor whom taught him the craft, he would spend 22 years in this new world working every moment he could.. During that time he was even studying to be a lawyer, although feeling unfulfilled he left law school to continue to work closest to his passion of furniture. After his mentor retired his mentor encouraged him to follow his passion and endeavors to America. He came to America in the early 2000 and continued to work in the craft for another 22 years. .In its entirety Dario now has 44 years experience although his enthusiasm is as child like as the first day he started. He specializes in the historically correct preservation and restoration of 17th, 18th and 19th century along with mid - century pieces. Although he loves to find treasures that are often kept untouched, which many are feature here on this site. He has a keen eye and finds and hunts pieces he feel would be loved and appreciated by others.

He resides on a small urban island called City Island with his wife and partner Priscilla whom graduated with an Art degree and worked for many years in sales and business. Residing with them is there newly born daughter Lucia. Priscilla and Dario hope to work solely together to be with Baby Lucia and also introduce her to their love for furniture and arts . On this quaint humble island they call home it is surrounded by small antique shops, art and of course plenty of water. Its here Inspiration is never far from home. A nautical life many miles from the Dominican Republic although it is the water around this island that reminds Dario daily of where he comes from. Some morning he can be found admiring the oceans waves as they are symbolic to the constant movement of the Antique world and its constant transfiguration. The momentum of the waves are alike his constant emotive pursuits. he remembers where he found his eye for antiques and his meticulous ability and skill he has retained in the many years he has spent in the craft. He often says of the many days he spent working with wood and furniture “ He never worked a day in his life doing what he loves”. He hopes to shares that same passion and love with others through his many unique beautiful pieces.
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