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Object Quality Antiques | Ruby Lane

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About Object Quality Antiques

t Object Quality, we love things that are beautiful and old. They provide a connection to another time and remind us that no matter how far removed we are from someone we are united in our humanity.

Every object has a story to tell. Every inkwell tells of the person who sat and wrote love letters. Every painting is a window into the past. The patina on a leather bound book is a witness to generations of devotion to the text. It is this narrative that fulfills us, that connects us to the people who wrote the stories through the object they owned. Everything we sell has a past; a connection to another life, to an heirloom loved and the people who loved it.

We specialize in 19th & 20th century decorative arts; glass, porcelain, sterling silver, bronze. In addition we usually have in stock a selection of pocket watches, jewelry, Japanese and Chinese antiques.
Konstantin Golovchinsky
4270 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach
CA 90807
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since 2022
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